Six on Saturday – my first!

  1. Introduction to my garden – we have a walled garden, not far from the sea. The focus is a tapestry of green punctuated by flowers.
Bit of sea mist the morning I took this

2. My “helpful” hounds

I know it looks like a pile of cuddly toys.

3. My garden has over 200 terracotta pots so hours of watering but today I am tackling an irrigation system.

Wish me luck

4. I love ferns especially tree ferns

5. Today’s favourite plant (It changes every day) is muehlen beckia complexa, maidenhair vine – it is beautiful and I plan to order more.

6. Storm Hannah – the high walls of the garden usually protect us but Hannah managed to topple a potted tree and break a couple of pots. The tree fell on my beautiful peony which I am hoping will recover, it has 7 buds this year so I have been looking forward to a wonderful display. I am sure we have got off lightly compared to many gardens on the coast

Fingers crossed it recovers

11 Replies to “Six on Saturday – my first!”

  1. Looks like you have a lovely haven there. Isn’t it frustrating when your pots get ruined. My chickens have been scratching out my freshly planted pots.


  2. What a wonderful space you’ve created there. I wish you lots of luck w/the new irrigation system. I’ve yet to be brave enough to try something like that, but lots of other SoSers are real pros, if you need some advice. When I saw you had pooches, I had sympathy pains for you (I live w/2 dogs & a cat), but then realising you use mostly pots, was a bit envious of not having the digging, tromping, zooming through your best flowers routine. Can’t wait to see that peony. And welcome to SoS!


  3. Welcome to the SoSers – be warned it is addictive and you will end up with a looong list of plants on the wishlist! I would love a walled garden, they always seem so sheltered so you can grow more exotic plants. Yours looks lovely already so I shall enjoy having a nosy around each week (or whenever you post). My garden is near the coast (not as near as you are) but in a very open location.
    Jude xx


  4. Wow that all looks fab! I initially thought you must be somewhere exotic but then you mention storm hannah so you can’t be far away. Lovely! Hope to see you again soon.


  5. What a beautiful garden! Lovely terra-cotta. And, what amazing helpers! They look like they get a long so well. One of my dogs could do without his “brother!” Is the one of the left a doodle with a parti colored poodle parent?


      1. I have Edward, a standard goldendoodle, and Boo, a Border collie/heeler who looks like a white Border collie. We got the doodle “for” Boo, as our other dogs (who have since passed) were too old to play with him. Boo doesn’t like doodles!


      2. We started with two Cavaliers but lost one to heart failure at just five. We then got Hubble “for” Herbie but at ten he found a puppy to be a bit much so a year later we got Chewie “for” Hubble. We are lucky, they all get on brilliantly and both younger dogs act as hearing support for Herbie who is deaf.
        Boo sounds very handsome.


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