With over two hundred terracotta pots there is not enough time to properly soak all my plants and a light sprinkle can almost be as bad as leaving them dry. Something had to change.

So, I did my internet research on irrigation systems for pots (I already have a slow drip hose running through my raised beds) and found a basic kit from Srewfix at the great price of just £9.99 and even better, a couple of last year’s stock for just £4.99. So four sets for just under £30, enough to water 80 pots.

It is a bit fiddly to set up but that does mean it is possible to make the system completely bespoke to your situation.

I have several large groups of pots

What did I learn…

1) Hold the pipes in very hot water, makes it much easier to push the connectors in.

2) Keep the hot water in a thermos, it means less trips to the kitchen to re boil water.

3) Put the radio on, have a distraction. It does take time and is fiddly so you have to relax into it.

4) Setting up pot irrigation doubles as a snail hunt. I managed to collect loads, won’t tell you what I did with them – there would be complaints.

5) I didn’t put dripper connectors on succulents. I can monitor and water these manually when needed. Most of the year the rainfall is enough.

6) Buy one extra kit to Frankenstein, you will need extra bits and it will vary according to each section.

7) I had to buy extra connectors so I could attach the hose directly and easily to each section. They were £4 each so bumped the project price up by £16. Would have been less online but I was impatient so splashed out on Hoselock from B&Q. Instant gratification has a price.

I have over a dozen agapanthus that look very healthy but have hardly any flowers. I suspect this is due to lack of water in late summer so hopeful the new system will mean a beautiful display of blue flowers in 2020 (too late to fix this year I think)

If we have another glorious summer this year I know I will be pleased I put in this effort. I can now connect up a section to the hose and water twenty pots whilst I wander round the garden with a glass of wine.

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