Six on Saturday – A friend in need….

1) No time in my own garden today because a friend needed help wrestling her garden into shape. It was hard labour but the laughter, chat and a delicious lunch made it all worth while. We are a formidable duo so made great progress.I forgot to take a before photo so you will have to trust me that this area had knee high weeds, couch grass and brambles. It is now ready to become a beautiful bed full of cottage garden plants.

2) Nearly… back in my garden, some flowers just about to burst into life.3) And one already looking beautiful4) The garden is looking very lush. I moved the potted pine tree this week and took out a couple of bananas that just looked too brash next to the varied foliage in the rest of the garden. I used to love the sense of exotic they brought but they rarely stay looking good for long, one windy day and they are shredded.5) It has taken several years to drape the shed in ivy, I am very pleased with how it looks. The gateway to Narnia or am I getting carried away?6) Lastly a beautiful view of the new growth on the smallest tree fern.Do check out The Propergators Six on Saturday post.

5 Replies to “Six on Saturday – A friend in need….”

  1. Wonderful gateway to somewhere magical! I’m not a Narnia fan, so I’d make it a doorway for a very tall hobbit!
    That terra-cotta pot on its left… what is that unusual shape?
    Your garden is so unbelievably tropical!


    1. The pot is one of a set of four I bought in an antique shop for £100. Gave one to my mum and have three in my garden. Looking for a photo but they are always on the edge of the shot. Will photograph for next week’s SOS. X


  2. I’ve been looking at my own ‘nearly there’ & notice nice healthy buds on the astrantia, but there yours are, out & swaggering about. Your garden always looks so green & lush, it’ll be a new experience seeing things in bloom. Can’t wait!


    1. I always feel like my garden is late flowering because my Mums south facing garden is always two weeks ahead of mine but the astrantias just couldn’t wait this year. X


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