Six on Saturday – home and away.

It has been a long 12 days without any real time in my garden, last weekend I was attending the contemporary dance conference in Bournmouth and work has been all consuming with too many 12 hour days. Thank goodness for a bank holiday weekend.


Away from home but still opportunities to enjoy horticulture. The public gardens in Bournemouth are a delight, beautifully kept with an interesting range of plants.

Anyone know what this beauty is?


I bought this from the Stansted House Garden Show about three years ago. The label is long gone but it is some kind of variegated cow parsley. It came with strict instructions – don’t get it wet, don’t feed after midnight… no wait a minute that is gremlins… don’t let it set seed, always keep in a pot. The lovely Swedish(?) plantswoman was very clear it is a thug but it has been perfectly well behaved and gives a real lift to a shady corner.


Irrigation update. This has been one of the best things I have done in the garden. It is pretty fiddly to set up on the pots but wonderful to be able to water 20 pots whilst completing other jobs (or just drinking tea). I need to tidy a couple of pipes that are showing but all the plants are looking lush. Intend to install two more sets this weekend so I will be able to water 120 of my 200 pots with minimal effort.


Talking of pots, I was asked about this unusual pot that was in the edge of a previous weeks photo. I have three of them (did have four but gave one to my mum). Lucky to live on a street with three antique shops who know I have a love of terracotta pots so snapped up all four for £80. They are my favourites and always make me smile because they look like crossed legs. I do have to keep on top of the watering, they dry out very quickly.


I love all saxifrage and have many. The standard London Pride takes me back to playing in the garden as a child. This is the flowers of saxifrage stolonifera, mother of thousands. Considered putting it in a hanging basket to show off the baby plantlets but don’t want to miss out on the close up view of the delicate, perfect flowers.


Spiderlings hatching, spider geeks call them Slingers. The flies better watch out later this year, I have an army in training! (Thank you Darling for the photo. X )

Do check out The Propergator’s blog and why not join in with your own Six on Saturday.

4 Replies to “Six on Saturday – home and away.”

  1. I don’t know what’s happening with my link. I seem to get plenty of replies so either they know how to rectify it, or it works for some but not others!? Anyway, what an interesting Six. That pot made me smile straight away, the saxiphrage takes me back too (much further!!) and we are going to Bournemouth in September and will definitely visit the public gardens.


  2. Hi, your first pic from Bournemouth of the strappy leaves plant with white flowers is a Libertia. I can’t remember which one but I have it and it seems around, a bit too much. Your second looks like a variegated ground elder to me which would explain the instruction to keep in a pot.


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