Six on Saturday – hard work but so rewarding

Another day of hard work on my friends garden today. We have almost got the runaway garden back into control.

OneBefore, full of weeds and no division between the bed and the grass.After, completely cleared of weeds and brick edging added (we dug all of the bricks out of the bed, perfect recycling)

TwoBack to my garden, this beauty is flowering it’s socks off. The bees are loving it.

ThreeI love foxgloves, they make my heart sing

FourI know these euphorbias are weeds but I love their alien look. They grow in early spring but once the beds have filled out I do pull them out.

And the raised bed does look much better without them.


New purchases from a lovely nursery in Poole. One fern is a house plant but the one on the right is supposed to be happy in full sun! We will see…


Can anyone tell me what this self clinging climber is? Think it might be a hydrangea, certainly has the same behaviour as a climbing hydrandea. Bought it a couple of years ago and it has been sulking but now growing up the wall and looking beautiful. I want more!!

Happy gardening and do check out The Propergator blog. Six on Saturday is fun, give it a go.

5 Replies to “Six on Saturday – hard work but so rewarding”

  1. Schizophragma hydrangeoides ‘Moonlight’ for your climber, methinks. I have that Euphorbia all over my allotment; it’s supposed to deter moles. It doesn’t. Right with you on foxgloves, though I hate the way you find some little treasure underneath them that you’d forgotten was there.


  2. My foxglove population has dwindled, I need to sow some more seeds. I think some climbers take a few years to get going, I know that is the case with hydrangea. I think you have to plant it away from the wall at an angle so it finds the wall and then it gets going – if that makes sense


  3. Such a difference in your friend’s garden! I like those euphorbia too – they grow in a graveyard nearby, so I don’t have to fool w/them. That astrantia is really going to town!


  4. Beautiful, white astrantia. I agree about defining the edge of the lawn/flowerbed, it makes the garden much tidier. Jim Stephens is always the person to go to for identification, he is very knowledgeable! I’m glad we have two way communication now.


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