Six on Saturday – Stansted Garden Show

Yesterday was the annual day out at the Stansted Garden Show. I go every year with my Mum and Sister and we have a wonderful time, lunch in the Pavilion Tea Rooms, lots of plant purchasing and then tea and cake once the car is packed with all our precious gems.One – what did we buy?My 27 plants and only just over my £100 budgetMy sister’s 17 plants plus secateurs and a fantastic dish for her chimney pot bird bath.My Mum’s 7 plants.

Two – OrangeMy garden has always just had white flowers with some purple and blue. After painting the orange wall and loving it so much, I decided to add some orange flowers. I have had my eye on a Rodgersia for some time, picked Irish Bronze with light orange flowers (not peach!). I bought 3 Geum Koi and a couple of Orange toned heuchera – Ginger Ale and Sweet Tea. Chewie the Cockerpoo is clearly impressed.

Three – very prettyBrunnera Macrophylla Little Jack and Euphorbia Jack Frost with two mystery plants with no labels.

Four – star of the showWanted a Fatsia Polycarpa Needhams for a while and this one has a couple of baby plants at the base so three for the price of one.

Five – interesting selectionThese are four plants that I haven’t grown before. Pandorea Jasminoides, Crinodendron Patqua (Lily of the valley tree), Iochrana Australis and Sambuccus Black Lace.

Six – beautiful climber

Pretty sure this climbing beauty is a Mandaville. I have the perfect sunny spot for it, will have to work out the level of watering that will make it happy and decide whether to risk wrapping this winter or finding space indoors. This photo made me chuckle, it looks like a small dog sniffing the flower of a huge plant.

Already looking forward to Hampton Court although the train does rather limit my purchasing. That might be for the best.

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10 Replies to “Six on Saturday – Stansted Garden Show”

  1. I loved the train conclusion! You go girl! I noticed your orangey peach wall in the photos and thought it was a great color in the garden! I was at a Garden Tour in Atlanta recently and the caramel/orange/copper heuchera was everywhere and I came home and bought some as well! Just loved it in the gardens!


  2. Oh I love a good plant sale and you did well for your money.
    I’m enjoying that burnt orange wall! Very Moroccan! Pops of bright orange will look great. How about a tangerine Geum there too?
    Enjoy your weekend.


  3. You’ll have a wonderful time placing all those plants in your garden. One of the best gardening jobs, I think.


  4. I’d be happy to have the space just for the Fatsia polycarpa. Mind I do have a Schefflera I grew from seed scavenged from Edward Needham’s garden. It’s good that some of his collections are becoming better known.


  5. That geum is a beaut! You’ve got some great stuff there. My own Rodger is called bronze peacock & altho the flowers are similar colour to yours, it looks as if your leaves are more green than mine. But a Rodgersia is a great plant, whatever clothes it’s wearing. And that fatsia . . . I swoon . . .


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