Six on Saturday – finally some sunshine!

Finally a beautiful weekend of sunshine and the garden is looking lush. I have always preferred a mostly green garden with flowers as accents rather than the main feature. Having seen the coverage of the RHS shows, I am finally in fashion!

1) Patchwork quilt of plantsI love it when foliage plants knit together and form a patchwork of plants.

2) Lilium Martagon – a favouriteThese elegant bulbs are beautiful. Added an orange variety this year but not in flower yet.

3) The last peonyThe rain has been great for the garden but the timing was very poor for my peony. I had eight buds for weeks but every time an eagerly awaited bloom opened we had a downpour. Hoping for better luck next year.

4) Nameless bulbsI have no memory of buying or planting these bulbs but they are a delight. Must have been part of the Gardeners World free bulb offer last autumn.

5) Fatsia Polycarpa Needhams FormThe new purchase from Stansted Garden Show potted up and in situ. I know it will quickly out grow this spot and pot but looks good right now.

6) Plant stagingReorganised my plant staging on view from my kitchen window. Took out a couple of hellebors and added in some gems from the garden show.Feel like I could have done sixty rather than six this week, everything is growing so well and looking so beautiful.Do make sure you visit The Propergator who hosts Six on Saturday.

9 Replies to “Six on Saturday – finally some sunshine!”

  1. I think I have that bulb. Just flowering now. I forget the proper name but I’m sure they go by “queen fabiola”, you should be able to track it down. Your foliage melange is looking great.


  2. That first photo just blew me over- what wonderful variety in the shapes and shades of green! and then that little edging of blue. Just perfect. You should be very proud!


  3. The problem w/SoS is that there’s always someone who knows the proper name of that gorgeous flower you want but tell yourself you can’t buy, as you don’t know what it is. You’ve done a great job of combining foliage to make a stunning garden. Love that lilium, too. It doesn’t look like the type that the red lily beetles eat – am I right about that? Cuz I love that lily.


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