Six on Saturday – mostly white

A weekend of proper summer weather. Lovely for us, not so good for the dogs but have made beef/ cheese/ peanut butter popsicles – mmm.The garden is becoming a jungle. Flowers are mostly white and purple so today I am focusing on white.One – star jasmineThis has gone crazy this year, filling the garden with scent.Two – Euphorbia diamond frostI love this plant, managed to over winter one for a couple of years until I became too confident. Will see how long I can keep this new one.Three – anenome wild swanWith the beautiful purple undersideFour – nicotianaI grew these from seed but have mixed feelings, the flowers smell amazing in the evening but they have big ugly leaves that snap easily and attract tiny white leaf hoppers. I think they need to be in big groups in a bigger garden. Not one for next year for me.Five – passion flower ice queenA beautiful plant from Wisley show last year.Six – a bit of blackBlack violas grown from seed by my friends mum with ophiopogon planiscapus in the background both sat on the black deck.Sneaking in a black and white dogJust had a shower, drying in the sunHeading to Hampton Court with my loveliest friends on Friday, must remember to take photos for SOS.

6 Replies to “Six on Saturday – mostly white”

  1. Very nice pictures ! This passiflora against the red wall…gorgeous ! Did you get fruit last year? I tried and succeeded : tasty !
    About star jasmine. mine is starting its bloom here. About half the size of yours but higher.


  2. Really wonderful placement of all your whites & blacks, especially the canine ones! So much to like, but the violas & that passion flower are attention catchers. Just love those anemones w/the secret backsides, too.


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