Six on Saturday – agapanthus, lilies and ladders

This was an exhausting week with a three day conference in Newcastle. On my return from drizzly grey skys I was taken by surprise by the thirsty tired plants in my garden. A good water and dead head helped but jury is still out on one of my new heucheras, the label clearly said shade, I should have positioned it more carefully.

By this morning pretty much everything had perked back up.

1) Agapanthus

I have ten different agapanthus plants and last year I had just one flower, not one plant flowering, literally one flower. I did my research, moved the pots to the sunniest parts of the garden, fed and watered during late summer and this year four are in flower, two in bud and four still just healthy green leaves maybe they will flower next year.

2) Beautiful lilies

And they smell wonderful. I have a second pot in bud and the promise of flowers in nine weeks from the bulb seller at Hampton Court.

3) Forgotten..

This is a voodoo lily (arum cornutum) bought at Hampton Court maybe five years ago. I had forgotten about it and stacked various pots of ferns on the raised bed. Still it fought its way through, love the leopard print stems.

4) Tetrapanax papyrifer Rex – Chinese rice paper plant.

This plant has gone crazy!

5) The big task – tendrils taking over

Before – the green wall needs attention

The mess!

The beautifully groomed wall after a day running up and down the ladder.

6) Mystery plant

My sister was given this lovely plant from a friend at work. Does anyone know what it is? Hoping we can grow more from its seed for next year.

Happy gardening, may the lovely weather continue.

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7 Replies to “Six on Saturday – agapanthus, lilies and ladders”

  1. Your garden looks absolutely stunning – all the ferns and climbing plants. Thanks for sharing your unusual plants it proves that shade really isn’t a problem. You’ve also shown me a new plant as I’ve never heard of a voodoo lily – I’ll have to do a bit of research.


  2. Those lilies are so lovely. I can never get lilies to survive the dread red beetle, so’ve given up on them, but they are such a delight &, as you say, the aroma . . . except for the voodoo lily, at least my neighbour’s one. He tried to give it to me & I was very happy to let him keep it. That green wall is pretty stellar, too. Hope you find the name of that plant. It really is delightful. What size is it?


    1. Not sure on plant size, I have only seen photos so far.
      So far no red devils in my garden but did clear some black yuck off one agapanthus and it looked like the Lily beetle grubs that coat themselves in their own poo – lovely. X


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