Kew Gardens – SoS

My meeting in London finished earlier than expected on Wednesday so I hopped on the District Line and spent a very happy couple of hours at Kew Royal Botantica Gardens. I have been hoping to see the Chihuly: Relections on Nature since it opened in April, I couldn’t resist the chance to visit before the garden in full of children on their summer holidays.

1) Beautiful sculpture at Kew2) My favourite pieces3) Glass in the glasshouse4) Dreams of my own glasshouseAh to one day have a glasshouse, not a greenhouse (though that would be wonderful) but a full on glasshouse.

5) Plant inspirationWill definitely grow cobaea scandens from seed next year.Beautiful viola hederacea

6) What did I buy?

All from the half price bench.

Calocephalus Brownii – looks like it has been sprayed with silver paint, completely tender but really interesting

Primula capitata, not sure what colour the flowers will be but lovely blue grey leaves.

Primula auricular, half price and in a terracotta pot.

Scindapsus pictus to add to my hanging house plant collection in the kitchen

Violas, no label so no idea what they are. Had to buy it after seeing the viola in the glasshouse

Back to my own garden today, no need to water so just some gentle deadheading and staking.

5 Replies to “Kew Gardens – SoS”

  1. Wow! This is amazing! Is this THE Kew Gardens? I mean, there isn’t more than one, right? I’m going on a tour of London and a few other sights starting August 7th. It’ll be my first trip to England. I guess that’s obvious. Kew Gardens is one of the things on the itinerary.


    1. Then definitely go to Kew. The glass exhibition will still be on. If you are planning several RHS gardens then look at membership which means your entrance is free as often as you like. My other suggestion would be The Globe Theatre, no plants but an unmissable experience. X

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