Wisley Garden Show – SoS

Yesterday I spent the day at Wisley Gardens for their late summer show. From a retail point of view it is my favourite show of the year. My garden used to go into decline from July but over the years the Wisley Show has helped me become a year round gardener with colour and interest through to the frosts.

1) 21 plants purchased, I did get a little carried away!

My Mum showed more restraint with just six beautiful plants

And my sister just had four (but she is moving house soon)

2) Most interesting plant phytolacca americana , they say the Declaration of Independence was signed with ink made from the berries of this plant. Will grow to two meters and enjoys a shady border.

3) Have been after a fig with cut leaves for some time, this is ice Crystal

4) Saw a bush honeysuckle (rather than climber) on one of the recent gardening TV programmes so delighted to find this one – Lonicera Stawberries and Cream

5) It is funny how tastes change, a couple of years ago I wouldn’t have even glanced at a Begonia but I find myself drawn to their beautiful foliage. This is Silver Splendour.

6) Last and most expensive purchase was telescopic pruners. I have a walled garden with walls well over 3m high and I have worked hard to cloak them in green climbers. These pruners were worth every penny (£50) because I no longer have to wobble at the top of a ladder to keep on top of the tendrils. Works brilliantly (though the job has to be broken down in to ten minute sessions to avoid neck ache)

Do check out The Propergator’s blog and why not do your own Six on Saturday.

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