Late to the party but very well dressed – sos

Rainy and cold weather means I have not been tempted out to the garden. However a couple of unexpected blooms caught my eye from the bathroom window. So I popped out for a closer look and two hours later I was still out there, in my pyjamas and wellies, planting the last of the bulbs, unaware of the drizzle.


The grower at Hampton Court promised these lilies would flower in October so delighted to still have blooms in late November


A beautiful flowering heuchera, not sure which one.


Delighted by salvia amistad, my first time growing it and will now never be without it.


Plectranthus ciliatus is flowering it’s heart out. A lovely surprise in the back section of the garden.


Ceramic blooms could been seen as cheating but they are beautiful and lift the spirits through the darker winter months.


Finishing on the beautiful birthday gifts from my sister.

3 Replies to “Late to the party but very well dressed – sos”

  1. Those lilies are amazing. Do the red beetles attack them? They look fantastic w/the ferns & fatsia, etc. What are the tall plants to the right of the lilies w/the open hand of leaves at the top? That’s an unusual heuchera & really a good one for this time of year. Wonderful stuff in your garden at the moment.


    1. So far I have been lucky and not had any red beetles. Did you know they disguise themselves by covering themselves in their own poo – disgusting.
      I don’t know what the other plant is, my Mum’s neighbour grows them.

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