Wrapping SOS

It is panto season (Oh no it isn’t) so working in a theatre this means it is crazy busy. Every year I make sure my wrapping is done before December- wrapping the presents but more importantly wrapping my tender plants.

1) Staring with the tree ferns

2) Horticulural fleece

I like the green coloured fleece. It protects the plants but still looks fairly natural.

3) Succulents

My succulent collection is now under the garden table to keep the worst of the rain off. Most seem fine through the cold winter but cold and wet will kill them. Later in December I will wrap the table legs with clear plastic for extra protection.

The scills violacea, silver squill ledebouria currently sat on the top of the table have spent the last six month dotted around the garden looking beautiful. They will move indoors next weekend.

4) Window boxes

The window boxes on the front of the house have had a seasonal makeover. I have to remember to water them because even after a downpour they are bone dry.

5) Bananas

The bananas have been sawn down to just two foot from the ground and then wrapped in fleece.

6) A cosy winter project

I have been labelling my pots for the last two years but was seduced by the lovely looking bamboo labels. Lovely looking for the first six months, unreadable after a year!

So I ordered black plastic labels and permanent white paint pens and I am slowly working through my 220 pots, looking up the plants that I have forgotten. A relaxing job that connects me to the garden even on cold winter days.

That is it from me, do visit The Propergator blog to see SOS from gardens across the UK and several further afield. It is like peaking over people’s garden fences!

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