Thank goodness for the garden SonS

I work in a theatre which is currently closed. We are focused on keeping in touch with our audiences and this week it was my turn to share, in our weekly email to twenty thousand people, what I am doing to get through the shutdown. I shared how happy my garden makes me and a link to The Propergator blog. I wonder if anyone reading this joined the Six on Saturday gang through Worthing Theatres?

I love nothing more than unfurling fern fronds. This is the centre of my tree fern, Dicksonia Antartica.
This is the first year I have grown tulips and my garden colour palette is usually blue, purple and white but I am loving the vivid colour of Orange Princess. Will grow again next year.
Echium pininana grown from seed a couple of years ago. Had dozens but removed them because Hubble the dog was very ill after eating them. This one is in a chimney pot so out of reach
I love the colour combination of the Heuchera Orange Berry with the orange wall
Halesia tetraptera, the snowdrop tree.
Last week I introduced my new greenhouse. Already full of seedlings!

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