Unboxed – Beth Chatto Nursery delivery SonS

Part of my job involves a museum, sadly closed right now. We have a huge collection of artefects including the third largest collection of historic clothing in England. We have a project called Unboxed where we film or photograph the opening of boxes that have been in storage, sometimes for over 20 years. These then become really popular posts on social media.

My mind turned to this when I received an exciting delivery from the Beth Chatto Nursery this week, my own mini Unboxed.

Chewie is excited too
Beautiful plants, in great condition and really well packed
So what is in the box?

Saxifrage Southside Seedling Group

Dicentra spectabilis x2

Viola rivinìana purpurea

Primula denticlata alba x3

Epimedium pubigerum

Primula bulleyana

Athyrium niponicum pictum red beauty

What a lovely stash, feeling very lucky. But wait a minute, didn’t I go alittle crazy on this order? Shouldn’t there be more plants? Then ratta tat tat on the front door and…

A second box! Apologies from the delivery man
More lovely plants

Saxifrage black ruby

Dodecatheon meadia

Gillenia trifoliata

Maianthemum stellatum

Valeriana montana

Geraniums, one white, one purple

Now I agree the two boxes held enough plants to make any gardener do a little dance of joy but I have to confess to picking up these two geraniums from a plant sale next door to my Mum’s house. There are worse addictions to have and my three weeks furlough will be so much better spent finding the perfect spot for each and every new arrival.

4 Replies to “Unboxed – Beth Chatto Nursery delivery SonS”

  1. I am surprised how carefully your box was delivered! Had that been a box here, there would have been nothing but dirt, broken plants and a very messy box! I love the idea of UNBOXED! I have been known to find boxes in my attic that have been there for years and I am so surprised to find what is in them!


  2. The 2nd photo of the 1st box just opened, my word, the pleasure seeing that brought. Just so much beauty there. Are they planted out yet? And did you check your woodwardia? I’d really thought mine was a goner, so hopefully yours has surprised you, too. O, your lovely plants! Envy, envy, envy . . . off to the Beth Chatto site.


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