Staging a plant theatre SonS

My walled garden has large areas of paving so two keys areas of display are entirely made up of pots. This is the perfect opportunity to curate a changing picture depending on what is looking best in any given month. This week I completely stripped back the display around the seating, repotting several key plants and giving each specimen room so the variations in folliage can really be appreciated.

This is the before photo. Really pleased with the brave choice of the terracotta wall but the plants are congested and lacking flow.
I thought this would take a couple of hours but five hours in, I just seem to have created chaos. Obviously a two day job!
At the end of day two it is looking so much better with good height from the yucca and the olive. The palms have more space so you can really see their structure.
A closer view of the section just outside the kitchen door. Orange wall looks much better without the trellis, the passion flower was not thriving and is already springing to life in it’s new location.
At nose level behind the seating there is rosemary, orange blossom and two scented geraniums, one mint, one rose.
Inspired by success, today I reworked the plant staging that can be seen from the kitchen window.
Whilst rearranging over 100 pots I collected together my saxifraga fortunei. I have Rubrifolia, backberry & apple pie and my newest purchse black ruby. Not sure what the other one is, might be a second rubrifolia but one does seem to have a much lighter leaf colour. Maybe our national collection holder will see this and help me out.

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