Flowers – SonS

This is very out of character for me as I garden mainly for interesting foliage but this week I do have several beautiful flowers.

The most beautiful flower in the garden right now. Can’t remember the name of the plant and it lost it’s label when I repotted it.
First flower on the salvia amisted.
Beautiful foxgloves. Hopefully dozens next year
My geum tangerine is only just starting to flower
This jasmine is flowering it’s heart out and filling the garden with scent particularly in the evening. I am planting more varieties to hopefully extend the “scent show” next year.
Coming soon…. I have more agathanthus buds then ever before. Feeding and watering after flowering maybe helped or maybe it is just the amazing sunshine we have had

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2 Replies to “Flowers – SonS”

  1. The first one is Francoa sonchifolia and we were saying this morning re our garden that when the masses of biennial Geranium palmatums are finished we’re going to need a few things to fill the gaps; that would be perfect, it’s been on my wanted list a long time. As luck would have it, I have to go to the garden centre for compost tomorrow or Monday, I’ll look out for one. That’s as happy a Trachelopspermum as I’ve seen in this country too, the scent must be almost overpowering in your walled in space.


    1. Thank you Jim. It is a great plant, flowers all summer and has put up with some neglect over the years.
      And yes the smell of the Trachelopspermum is amazing esoecially late evening when l am snail hunting.


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