For the love of orange

I have always had a very strict colour code in the garden – mainly green with flowers in white, blue and purple maybe the occasional pale pink or lilac. Never red, yellow or orange.

However my preferences have changed. For the last year I have been drawn to orange.

Geum Totally Tangerine was my first toe in the water last year
Followed by the bold decision to paint two walls orange
Now I have fallen in love with orange cannas, so beautiful.
With trailing bergonias and crocosmia from my Mum’s garden, I am starting to layer up the orange
Even better when you have the contrast of the purple agapanthus
The only orange I don’t want to see is the Spanish slug. Possibly found one in the garden this week and hoping it arrived on a pot alone!

Only six weeks to the rescheduled Stansted Garden Show, my wish list will be full of orange flowers with some cadbury chocolate purple ones for contrast. Hoping to find those copper orange crocus and more crocosmia. My order for 100 orange tulips has already been placed. It is official, I love orange flowers.

4 Replies to “For the love of orange”

  1. I wouldn’t be without Alstroemeria ‘Indian Summer’, orange from May to October. Wish I could count slugs like that in ones, I kill them by the dozen, if not hundreds, day in, day out.


  2. i have a colour code i my garden. the colour code is there is no code! funnily enough the one i dislike the most is white, closely followed by green (flowers). but even those get a look in. sometimes looks like an accident in the sweet shop, but mostly i love it.


    1. Your garden looks very sunny so colours look amazing. My garden is walled, two story to the south and east, three story to the north so I work with a lot of shade making white crucial. Funnilt enough I love a green flower too. We are chalk and cheese but that’s what makes S onS so much fun.


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