Eucomis stealing the show… SonS

The agapanthus and cannas are still going strong but they have passed their peak of absolute perfection. Stepping into the limelight are the eucomis. I am addicted and need more. My bulb shopping list has just grown to include octopus, vandermerwei and montana if I can find them.

Beautiful Eucomis Comosa
This should be sparkling burgundy but the leaves which were burgundy in the spring are now very green. Also much smaller flower heads this year so will feed after flowering and repot in the spring giving it a bit more space and some manure in the compost mix
These bulbs were new last autumn but I didn’t make a note of the variety – doh!
This one I do know is Autumnalis
More flowers to come on the Autumnalis.
Just for some relief from my eucomis fixation, the brilliant balloon plant, new to me this year but will never be without it. Loving the purple and orange combo.

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3 Replies to “Eucomis stealing the show… SonS”

  1. Eucomis montana is a fine plant but more than a little malodorous. If you can’t find it anywhere I could probably collect seed from mine. I split E. vandermerwei too earlier so I’ve several small plants growing on. It’s the only one of mine flowering though the rest are well budded. I’m just as addicted as you. And you’ve reminded me I bought a new one last year and I’ve not checked to see if it came through the winter, has buds or whatever.


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