January Six on Saturday

It has been a long time since my last post, the challenges of life got in the way. This is a new year so I am refocusing. The pressures are still there but it is important to get away from zoom and take a break, a reset, so each day, at lunch time, I am completing a 15min task in the garden. The fresh air and sense of achievement add a positive note to my day, making me more productive and happier!


The garden lit at night. Extends the time I can complete winter jobs and stops the short days feeling so miserable.


Hellebores – winter delight


The obediant plant, Physostegia virginiana, plenty of seedlings for this summer


Added a row of beautiful tiles to the windowsill holding my succulent collection


The bird feeding station with two new feeders from Crocus. Keeping them filled to maximise the feathered visits in preparation for the Big Garden Bird Watch 29th – 31st.


Time to cut down the bananas, a job for tomorrow if it is dry. Love the Fatsia in flower.

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