Six on Saturday – my first!

  1. Introduction to my garden – we have a walled garden, not far from the sea. The focus is a tapestry of green punctuated by flowers.
Bit of sea mist the morning I took this

2. My “helpful” hounds

I know it looks like a pile of cuddly toys.

3. My garden has over 200 terracotta pots so hours of watering but today I am tackling an irrigation system.

Wish me luck

4. I love ferns especially tree ferns

5. Today’s favourite plant (It changes every day) is muehlen beckia complexa, maidenhair vine – it is beautiful and I plan to order more.

6. Storm Hannah – the high walls of the garden usually protect us but Hannah managed to topple a potted tree and break a couple of pots. The tree fell on my beautiful peony which I am hoping will recover, it has 7 buds this year so I have been looking forward to a wonderful display. I am sure we have got off lightly compared to many gardens on the coast

Fingers crossed it recovers

A new adventure…

As I garden – losing whole days at the weekend, stealing moments while the kettle boils for morning tea, working in the dark on my return from work – I compose descriptions of the challenges and successes. Time to see if the words floating through my head during the last 10 years of making my garden, work on a page.