Happy, neglected plants on the roof terrace

I have never featured the roof terrace on this blog. It is my husband”s favourite place, a sun trap in the evening with a view of the spinnaker tower and glimpse of the sea. The pots up here are lucky if they are watered twice a year but for all my neglect they are happy.

Blue pots with succulents and cordylines (and Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot image and quote)
A very happy echeveria flowering like crazy.
A cordyline and his spiky friend bought from Denman Garden. No label and no idea what he is.
 Aloe Brevifolia
Agave Americana, grows like a weed in our favourite part of Corfu
You’ve had the pots so here’s the paws. Our furry boys enjoying the roof terrace. Great photo taken by my husband.